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Vedic Astrology

The origin of Vedic astrology goes back to the ancient Indian traditions as old as Atharva Veda. All the information about Vedic astrology is present in Ayurveda and VedangJyotisha, an early work about astrology in Vedas. It is commonly known as Jyotisha. According to Vedic astrology, karma and fortune are closely interlinked. An intricate part of Indian astrology is the birth chart or Kundli. Based on the accurate birth timings, date and place, the position of your planets determine the future events in your life. It considers the fixed zodiac to determine the events and reveal the future.


राधाष्टमी 14-9-2021
राधाष्टमी 14-9-2021
राधाष्टमी 14-9-2021 भाद्रपद शुक्ल पक्ष की अष्टमी तिथि को राधाष्टमी व्रत रखा जाता है। भगवान श्री कृष्ण के बिना...
खुद की समझदारी ही अहमियत रखती है, वरना अर्जुन और दुर्योधन के गुरु एक ही थे !!
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